Why Not?

"I believe that everyone has talent, but often society makes it difficult to unfold them."

Does it need to be organic?


If you create a product, you should think about being sustainable. Being biologically certified is only the first step, but we want more. Going beyond that is when it becomes harder because of the operational costs that come with it.

Be prepared to suffer. I am kidding, but there is definitely truth in this sentence: If it were easy, everyone would do it. Be prepared to have really tough moments. And if you are a reflective person as I am, be prepared for a real roller coaster, because being an entrepreneur will challenge you every day. You will need to do things, that you might have thought of not being capable of. You are going to be rejected many many times, so you have to deal with it. I think you should not celebrate every tiny success and at the same time not overreact on every loss. You will need to find your mental balance. Being an entrepreneur is not knowing what to do all the time; it’s not like having a strategy that works all the time. You should follow a plan, of course, but you should also be very fast in understanding what works and what doesn’t, fast in changing plans and quick in execution. One key learning: at the beginning of a business, if you had a good idea, many opportunities unfold. Of course, you should be open to using these opportunities, but when you are just busy following the opportunities you are offered in different occasions, you lose focus, and you are leaving the driver’s seat. But that is what you wanted when becoming an entrepreneur, right...sitting in the driver’s seat...so don’t leave it. We had to learn this as well.

What would be your first advice to someone who wants to do something like you did? Any learnings from being an entrepreneur you would like to share?

Can you describe a typical day at work?

We leave the children at the kindergarten at 9am, and then we go to Lisbon to make sales until 4 pm, unless one of us goes to Algarve or Porto, for instance... on our way there or in-between sales-talks we do follow-up phone calls, solve production or logistics issues, create marketing material, create Social Media postings, work on the strategy. That means, we do not eat a real lunch - we push push push, and when we then drive back to Ericeira, we make some calls again, and from 5 pm to 8 or 9 pm, we try to not speak about work, because we want to be present for our kids. Of course, that is tough sometimes, as new things happen continually. And then, from 9 to midnight, we work. This is the life we have at the moment. We, unfortunately, need these evenings, we cannot escape from them.

What I mentioned before about looking at yourself in the mirror and saying “This is cool for me, I’m happy”, I could not look at the mirror if my kids would be unhappy. But they love it to live here. So our happiness here forces me to try to make this thing work.

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