Now, imagine that you are in the future and you have two teleportation devices, for bidirectional travel. Where are you going to place them?

I would place one in Porto and another in London. I think I would be disillusioned because... London to me are the people I met, as in Porto. However, unlike Porto, in London people move a lot because it is a city in which the most normal thing to do is to get there, stay and work for a few years and then go away. Some of the people who are very important to me are still there, but there are also many people who are there anymore, just like me. They are already making their living in their home country or even in another one so ... Each of us has his/her reason to be in a place where he/she is. Anyway, I would continue to choose London because it is still a hub for me, a meeting place. I hope legislative changes due to Brexit will not affect our mobility to and from the UK... but I do think they will change, unfortunately. If they not change, it will still be an incredible place.

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