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Daniel Martins

Quinta da Serrinha
Daniel Martins Facetas Olive Oil CEO

I'm doing something good for the environment: first, I plant trees and then it's in organic farming.

Paulo Cunha

Paulo Cunha, CTO Velocidi

I am inspired by the people who take on their time - which I think it is always the scarcer resource we have - and manage to put it at the service of the society.

Jaime Parodi

Jaime Parodi Viable Report

If you want to do it, do it. Otherwise, you will regret your entire life.

Michaël Memeteau

Michael Memeteau Nesto

Investors usually say they look for three main things: team, team and team.


Why Not Soda

I believe that everyone has talent, but often society makes it difficult to unfold them.

Daniela Seixas

Tonic App

I had to decide if I would give up my medical career to dedicate myself full-time to this project.

Ricardo Santos

Ricardo Santos, CEO Heptasense

I want to improve the world, this is what makes me wake up and want to continue.

Rita Marques

Rita Marques Impactrip

We make a very positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged people, who otherwise would not have the living conditions they have today.

José Ruivo

Jose Ruivo Noocity

Business is people. Human relationship skills are undoubtedly the most important.

Felipe Ávila da Costa

Felipe Avila da Costa CEO Infraspeak

I think everyone who gets themselves into this entrepreneurial life is already courageous, especially when you already know what it implies.

Ricardo Nunes

O Benefício
Ricardo Nunes.jpg

I have a dream, I have an idea, and I will try to make it happen.


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